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No other event attracts more people than an airshow with attendance at some of the worlds major shows easily exceeding the 200,000 + mark. An airshow is also the only place, where the general public can get close up and personal with some of the worlds most exciting, and at times most secret, military aircraft.  Having a chat with a pilot, taking some nice photos in front of your favourite aircraft or watching a thrilling display is what an airshow is all about. Airshows are not held just for the pleasure of the audience, they are also used to recruit future pilots and ground crew. When asked, many pilots claim that attending an airshow at an early age with their father was their first experience that lead to a career in aviation. Some airshows are combined with an aviation fair, some are purely the domain of the military (a base open house for instance) while others are privately organized.  All this does not really matter as all airshows have one thing in common in that not only are they exciting for the general public who attend, enthusiasts young and old alike, but they are also extremely exciting for the actual performers themselves!

Unfortunately we can`t be everywhere at once and while there are many airshows that take place every year we are not able to cover them all for you. However, you will find the more interesting events our team has attended in this section. Have a look!

ARMY Forum 2018 - Kubinka/Russian Federation

Season Premiere 2018

The British kingdom can claim to have founded very first independent air force in the world. Already before the end of the First World War, the British Air Force .... read more

Warbirds over Wanaka 2018

While the Central Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island is internationally renown for its beauty and outdoors lifestyle, it is also home to one of the largest  ... read more

ARMY 2018 - Kubinka / Russia

For the fourth year in a row the Russian armed forces, with industry support, conducted ARMY FORUM 2018 (known simply as ARMY 2018). As the largest joint ... read more

AIAADE 2017 - Avalon/Australia
Fete Aerienne - La Ferte
RIAT 2019

AIAADE19  - Avalon/Australia

From 26th February to 3rd March the Australian International Aerospace and Defence Exposition (AIADE) and AIRSHOW 2019 were held at Avalon Airport, ... read more

Fˆte Aerienne 2019 - La Fert‚

The currently much propagated climate change seems not to have arrived yet, at least in the south of Paris (at least not on the Whitsun weekend). While in ... read more

RIAT 2019 - RAF Fairford

July in the UK airshow calendar is a busy month with Yeovilton and Duxford both holding major airshows plus numerous smaller specialists and local shows. But ... read more

Little Gransden 2019
MAKS 2019 - Zhukovsky / Russia

Air & Car show  - Little Gransden

Sunday 25th August 2019 saw the 27th annual Little Gransden Air and Car Show. Little Gransden is located between Bedford and Cambridge in the heart of ... read more

MAKS 2019  - Zhukovsky/Russia

The official opening of the 14th International Aerosalon in Zhukovsky/Moscow Oblast - MAKS took place on 27 August 2019 in the presence of ... read more


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