REVIEWS - Milestones

No one knows exactly how many different types of aircraft have been designed and built over the past 110 years. What we do know is ever since the earliest days of powered flight many of these aircraft have set the standard for all future development. Even people with no interest in aviation whatsoever have heard of the Fokker Dr.1 TRIPLANE, Supermarine SPITFIRE or Hawker/BAe HARRIER. But there are also many other aircraft that are not quite as well known, at least not to the general public.

In our Milestone Pages you'll not only find detailed developmental information and technical data but also the operational histories of some of the most important aircraft from the past, present and future! The first are already online – just have a look:

IWM Duxford

North American AT-6 HARVARD

No one knows for sure how many pilots have learned to fly on the legendary North American AT-6 HARVARD/TEXAN. The hundred thousand benchmark has certainly been exceeded. No other training aircraft ... read more


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