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One of the sadest things for a die-hard aviation enthusiast is the moment, when his beloved aircraft has its fly-out. The normal end of an aircraft is even more sad: it is cut into pieces and recycled. Fortunately a few aircraft find their way in a museum, where they are stored and displayed for future generations. Most aircraft museum are just static, some, and these are for sure the most exiting ones, are living places of history. We are interested in both: in the exhibition hall as well as the flying circuit.

Unfortunately, we cannot put all our older articles and reviews into our Archive section but we have included some of the more exciting and thrilling shows. Have a look!

AIAS 2015
AIAS 2015
Museo Storico Aeronautica Militare / Vigna di Valle

Military Aviation Museum - USA

For aviation enthusiasts, museums are important meeting places. Regardless of whether the interest relates to technical or historical issues or whether it is a  ... read more

Russian AF museum - Monino

The Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino was founded in 1956 on a former military airfield in the outskirts of Moscow. Even by the end of the Soviet era  ... read more

Museo Storico Aeronautica Milit.

Italian art and architecture, Italian fashion and design, the excellent Italian cuisine as well as the entire Italian way of life - all this is admired and appreciated ... read more


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