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The natural enviroment of any aircraft is: the Air! To see an aircraft in a museum is nice and definitely has its pros. You can see it from close distance. On the other side to watch the same aircraft on a taxiway, taking off and performing a display is a different sort of thing. But keeping an aircraft airworthy is not that easy. If someone (private person, group of enthusiasts or some kind of organisation)  makes it happen, that a vintage aircraft goes back to the air, it is not only a big challenge, but also requires lots of effort, time and of for sure loads of money!

This is why we have started a new category to give you a good insight of such projects, the aircraft but also the people behind such an endeavour - have a look!

AIAS 2015

F-104 Restoration - Norway

The Manned Missile, the Zipper, the Widow Maker – these are just a few of the names associated with one of the most popular military aircraft to ever have flown. For it was this particular aeroplane ... read more


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