CHECKSIX is dedicated to all kinds of military aviation. Visitors to our site have access to a wide range of articles and reviews which we have divided into six main categories: ARCHIVES, AIRSHOWS & EVENTS, MISSIONS, MUSEUMS, MILESTONES and finally AEROBATIC TEAMS. This way it will be easier to find the particular article(s) you are interested in. Due to the fact that we have now relaunched our site not all of our older articles are currently available, however we do intend to have them available to you again as soon as possible.

Whenever new articles are available you can find them highlighted in: PHOTOS DOWN BELOW. . . . Have a look!

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AIAS 2015
AIAS 2015
AIAS 2015


Here you can find  articles about events which have been covered by us in the past. Beside the reviews there are lots of photos from aircraft which probably will never fly again ... go to ARCHIVE

Airshows & Events

Nearly no other events attracts more people than an airshow.   Our team visit those shows and delivers a lot of background information and stunning shots ... go to AIRSHOWS


Airshows are fascinating, museums are interesting, but the (real) life looks something different. Here you can find information about exercises, aircrew trainings, etc. ... go to EXERCISES

AIAS 2015
AIAS 2015
AIAS 2015


When an aircraft is disbanded from service, probably the only change to get a look on it is to visit an aviation museum. Or you have a look on this chapter ... go to MUSEUMS


This sector is dedicated to the most famous aircraft as well as to the men who made a go to aviation. Pilots, engineers and visionaries are to be found here ... go to MILESTONES

Aerobatic Teams

Frecce Tricolori, Red Arrows, Blue Angels, - these names raises the adrenalin. We have a look behind the scene and introduce you with the best teams ... go to AEROBATIC TEAMS

AIAS 2015

Restoration Projects

The natural enviroment of any aircraft is: the Air! To see an aircraft in a museum is nice and definitely has its pros. You can see it from close distance. On ... go to RESTORATIONS


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