Team CHK 6 - Press ID

In the past we had some issues with people using our name and reputation to get press access to certain events and airshows. This is why we have decided to issue a Press ID to all our active members. This Press ID proofs, that the holder is a member of our online publication.

 If anybody applies for a press access or press accreditation, please be sure that he/she holds a valid Press ID like the one shown here on the right. Every Press ID has a photo showing the holder, his name, surname, date of birth and nationality. Every Press ID is personalised, i.e. it has a serial number. The serial number shows up on both sides of the Press ID.

This Press ID is only valid when presented in conjunction with another form of official identification (i.e. a valid passport, identity card or drivers licence).  Additionally it must be signed by the holder on the back.


On the back side the signature of the holder must be seen together with our address, our logo and some rules & regulations printed between the signature field and the magnetic strip.

All other press passes, IDs, etc. which are not exactly like the one described and shown here, are not issued by us and the holder is neither a member of our team nor is he/she working on behalf of us!

Rob Kysela / CHK6

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