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Robert Kysela / CHK 6I was born in 1965 in Graz, Austria. My performance at secondary school was less than optimal with the desire to see the world a lot stronger than teachers wagging their collective fingers at me, consequently I began my working career in an apprenticeship with a well-known Austrian company. Following service in the Austrian Army (including an assignment to the Golan Heights in 1988), my job brought me to Meiningen / Germany,  where I bore witness to the collapse of the German Democratic Republic. I soon took a job with a firm located in the north of Germany, which brought me to the wonderful city of Flensburg on the Baltic Sea and it was here where I lived with my wife Antje and two crazy cats plus my little dog Scotty for almost 25 years.  We have since moved to a beautiful little village north of Nuremburg where we enjoy a wonderful life with Frankonian food and of course the best beer in the world – And what else would you need?
Officially, I founded the online aviation magazine CHECKSIX in 1997, however it is an idea much older than this. Previously, I have worked for several aviation magazines, including Flug Revue or the Top Gun magazine. While work on the CHECKSIX project does require a lot of time and input, it is clear that printed publications are slowly becoming more of an exception in the mainstream media. So what does the future hold? Well, let's see. From the idea of putting a bunch of aeroplane pictures onto the WWW a great project has developed and endured. Together with our team of top handpicked photographers we will continuously work hard to maintain the high standards we have already established.

Rob Kysela / CHK6   (Press ID number: DE-650506-9701-01)

Quite often people ask us about what camera equipment we use for aviation photography. To the right you can see which equipment I currently use. I’ve been a dedicated NIKON user since my first SLR film camera, a NIKON F-401s followed by a F-801s and later by the magnificent F-5. Digital photography started for me with a D100 followed by the D2X, which I still use today. But it's not just the camera body that determines image quality, especially in aviation photography as lens choice and the quality of that lens also plays a key part. I’m presently using a 500mm NIKKOR lens on the fantastic NIKON D5, a winning combination I’m extremely happy with.
But, this is just me – I’m sure some of my friends, who do not shoot NIKON, would be more than happy to share their experiences within the “dark world” of CANON, PENTAX, SONY, etc.  :-

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