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The internet offers almost incredible possibilities to develop one's creative abilities and impart itself while at the same time conserving the private sphere of almost each individual. The anonymity of the web is on the one hand definitely very important, but is on the other hand being abused many times. I am not talking about the anonymity of the internet user, I am talking about the website owners. If someone has nothing to hide, why do it then? That is what one should think. However, on some websites the reason is not the wish to remain unrecognised, but it was simply forgotten to tell the visitors who is the one behind the website. When I am surfing through the net, this is a point which comes up repeatedly. Many homepages, very intricately designed, do not show the face behind. For this reason, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselfs:

Rob Kysela / CHK6

Meet our Crew!

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